Quips and Clips: Social Media in 2017

The Eggos & Stranger Things social media campaign may seem a little out of place for a blog about video games. “Stranger Things” is a digital video series originating on Netflix. Eggos are a frozen waffle product produced by Kellogg’s. Neither explicitly relate to video games outside of “Stranger Things” having a home online. However, the social media campaign’s structure is very interesting for someone who hopes to one day have video games accepted as legitimate classroom materials.

Noticeability is what I’m speaking off. Kellogg’s paid Netflix well to place their Eggos product throughout the first season of “Stranger Things”. The show became widely popular. With that popularity, Eggos gained more attention, since one of the main characters was consistently eating them over the course of the season. So, what does this have to do with video games and classrooms? “Stranger Things” is on track to have a second season and Kellogg’s is taking advantage of the built up hype. They are utilizing their social media platforms, tweeting out eye catching messages, clips, and “Stranger Things”/Eggos mashup images, and thus, advertising the show and their product. These images are unique and they stand out. I think video games in the classroom can do the same.

What the social media campaign also does is that it highlights an element of fun. Kellogg’s writes tweets with upside-down text. Their images have bright colors and feature buttered waffles flying through space. Their tone of voice on social media is that of one who is committed to having fun. Companies gain attention when they interact with fans on social media, especially Twitter, where communication can happen rapidly. Wendy’s, Oreo, and Taco Bell are known for their quips on Twitter.  For how different the idea of video games in the classroom is, showing the fun nature coupled with a positive learning environment would work well. Seeing students work together in class on popular games adds noticeability. That small form of interactivity may not seem like much, but nowadays, it surely doesn’t go unnoticed.

Social media campaigns in 2017 do not need to be more than some quick interactions between companies and their customers. Talk in an interactive voice, share some jokes, and be memorable. It is changing the way that we consume advertisements and changing the way companies choose to put themselves out there. In a world full of memes and “cash me ousside”, being memorable is sometimes all it takes.


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