Wardy’s Online Game Plan

The social media campaign strategy that would suit me the best is defined by a video-first attitude. Video is the king when it comes to anything media. People love to watch stuff. The Wardy’s Gaming Lab social media campaign, scratch that, the whole online presence, starts with video.

YouTube is the winner winner chicken dinner. That is the site that will dominate the online focus. Videos will be filmed about games, news, updates, vlogs, all in a sense of pushing video games & e-sports as a positive learning environment. Using game capture software, the videos would typically feature narration with the addition of gameplay footage sprinkled over the top. All videos would live on YouTube and would be embedded in articles and a website from there. YouTube is home to many video gaming channels, so the community is already accustomed to looking at the site for content in this beat.

Twitch is another social media platform synonymous with the video game community. My strategy would involve regularly scheduled live streams to interact with the community and highlight games I feel have a purpose in the classroom. The real time interaction with members of the community would priceless. These twitch streams would then make their way onto YouTube.

Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook do have a role to play. Twitter and Facebook would almost exclusively be used to share blog posts and YouTube videos. Instagram is unique since it focuses on photography. I would take advantage of the Boomerang and Instagram story for added supplemental video content. That Instagram account would link to all of the other accounts as well.

The strategy is all about content and entertainment. The pillar of video games is entertainment, a fun and positive environment is what I hope for. I want to strive for an online presence where the audience understands that I am not afraid to interact with them. Video will be the main objective but good times will be the overall goal.


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